5th Grade Legacy Rock Garden

Posted on March 21, 2018

We are so excited to introduce the idea of the 5th grade legacy rock garden!  This will serve as a fundraiser for the upcoming 5th grade party. 

The way it works: Each 5th grader can purchase a rock for $7.  He/she will decorate the rock at home and return it to school by the due date below.  We will then have a ceremony dedicating the garden to these amazing kids and take their picture as a group.  A copy of the picture will be provided to each participating student as part of the $7 cost. (You may also donate a rock to another student if you’d like to).

 What to do next: Please fill out the form below and return to school with a $7 check (made out to ELES PTA) or $7 in cash BY APRIL 12.  A rock will be delivered to your child in their classroom within a couple of days.  The rocks need to be decorated on one side and have your child’s name on the other side. Please be sure to return the painted rock to school by APRIL 19, so that it can be included in the ceremony.

Thank you so much for participating in this exciting new fundraiser and we CANNOT wait to see all of the beauty and creativity!

Contact Kris Perini and Lizzie Beagle at fundraising@elespta.com

5th Grade Legacy Rock Garden Order Form

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